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I'm a comedian and musician living in New York City.

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Little Turtles - Davy Andrews -- -- -- --

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There Is No G Train
2015. Sixteen songs about the New York City subway system, flowers and acting as if you're fine when you're nowhere in the vicinity of fine.
Other Things As Well
2015. A compilation of outtakes and demos from the first five albums.
And the Flying Fox
2013. The latest kid's album. You can download a pdf of the artwork and lyrics here.
Little Turtles
2012. A kid's album with songs about whales and turtles and astronaut dinosaurs.
Songs for Anna
2011. My first album of kid's music. It was a present for my eldest niece.
With a Blowtorch
2011. This is my first album. Written and recorded 100% on my own--mostly in my apartment--these are the first songs I ever wrote.